Stress Management – Music Monday

This week is the first week of AP exams for many high school students in the US. The pressure can be a little overwhelming and the stress takes a major toll on students everywhere. Since both of us have AP exams this week, Carina and I have decided to make the theme of this week Stress Management. Stress is faced by everyone at some point in their lives, so we decided to give our readers some helpful hints to help them through! This week we will be posting some tips to help you manage your stress and anxiety during this stressful time. Managing stress is an important part of your health. You could be doing all the right things, exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep, but mismanaged stress can really take a toll on your body. Today we will be talking all about music. Music is a great way to alter your mood. It allows you to kick back and relax. I’ve put together a list of ten songs for relaxation. I hope you get a chance to google some of these amazing artists since many of their albums are great stand-alone destressers! So look them up, get into your bathtub or your cozy chair and feel the stress melt away!
Also, if you’re looking for a relaxing bath stop by Jolie Tea in Hamilton and get their bath teas with relaxing scents to destress. Or check out Lush and Whole Foods to bubble bath or bath salts.

Monsoon- Jack Johnson

Wet Cement – The Morning Benders

Green Grass of Tunnel – Mum

New Soul – Yael Naim

Champagne Year – St. Vincent

Houstonatlantavegas – Sonnymoon

Night Sewing – photocomfort

Heron & the Fox – Little Scream

Little Garcon – Born Ruffians

Dontcha – The Internet

– Carina and Kristina



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The studio will provide as a teaching platform for us. There, we will learn valuable information about wellness so we can share it with our readers. Information we learn at the studio will be incorporated with research to create valuable blog posts that educate our readers. We will thoroughly research our information and share the sources in order to guarantee accuracy.
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We decided to create this blog because of our mutual interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to create healthy habits and enforce them early on so that they may continue throughout your life. We believe that health is more than just the number that reads on the scale. Our blog will focus more nutrition, physical fitness and mental wellness as opposed to just discussing weight loss. We seek to enhance your knowledge on a popular topic and help you to make healthier and wiser choices to create great habits that ensure a long and healthy future. Over the next four weeks of our internship, we hope you will follow along with us as we explore various topics relating to wellness!