All About Paleo

One of the biggest gluten free diet fads out there is the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet seeks to imitate the hunter gatherer diet. This means no processed food, including gluten. What many people don’t realize is that this diet also includes meat. (No, you don’t have to go outside with the shotgun to get your dinner, you can still get your meat from the supermarket.) This diet is all about protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and making sure that nothing processed is going into your body.

However, there is some debate over dairy. You can include dairy such as cheese and butter into your diet, but doc make sure it is fresh and organic. The Get in Shape studio recommends KerryGold Butter, because the cows are grass-fed and it is not stuffed with preservatives. If you’re buying cheese get it straight from the farm and the same is recommended for meat.

Now the question remains, what’s all the hype about? Well, by removing all processed foods and gluten from your diet, your body digests and absorbs nutrients more easily. So instead of packing your body with more BAD fat and high levels of sugar, you’re giving it energy. Yes, there are good and bad fats, but we’ll get into that later. Our bodies were not made to digest gluten, in fact some of our bodies attack gluten mistaking it for a virus and destroying good cells in the process. By removing gluten you remove chances of diseases later in life, such as acid reflux or dermatitis. And you give your body food that it can digest and draw nutrients from. By removing sugar, you lower blood sugar removing risks of diabetes and giving your body energy instead of sugar spikes. The Paleo diet seeks to simplify your diet by removing the things your body can’t use and only giving your body what it needs.

Below I’ve included some websites for learning more about the paleo diet, what you should and should not be eating on it, and why the foods you’re eating now should be removed from your diet!


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